TTPServices API Release

By TheTradingPortal Admin on

TTP Solutions is proud to announce the release of the TTPServices API. With it, is able to provide programmatic access to all of the document features and functionality currently available through the web interface. Whether it be account managers, normal document users, or corporate portal users intended solely for API access, the TTPServices API offers document management and interaction for the entirety of your company.

Send, update, retrieve, reply, and forward documents from within your corporate portal using's electronic document interchange. Safely and securely attach files that don't fit in a document format, like screen shots and binary-form reports. Allow your users to manage their folders and documents in the way that best supports your business process.

How It Works

Our API is built using time-tested protocols and software. Requests and responses are sent and received using XML-based SOAP messages defined in the TTPServices WSDL (human readable version). The rigorous definition of expected input and output eliminates guessing games when building atop the API. Many languages including Java, PHP, Python, and C++ already have libraries that can consume the WSDL and expose API functionality natively.

Business Implications

For the first time ever we can integrate the functionality of directly in your corporate portal. Extend EDI compliance to 100% of your supply chain without complicating your process with an additional layer of log-ins and passwords. Use your portal to support your business process by forwarding and approving documents securely within your network. Reduce your process variation from a bell curve to a spike by using the TTPServices API to provide stability to your process and eliminate the overhead of paper.

The possibilities for the improvement of your process are endless. The TTPServices API is designed to maximize the efficiency of your own familiar business network while also creating e-Business capabilities that you never thought possible. The ultimate goal is to make your process simpler and your profit margins larger.