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A Development Test Event That Is Full

Learn more about how™ implements a complete Private Exchange or Value Added Network (VAN) where each trading partner has their own secure login and can send and receive documents as necessary.

See a live demonstration of Orders to returned ASN, Invoice to Remittance, and online translation of non-traditional documents.

Topics Include:

  • Trading Partner management for maintenance of trading relationships
  • Tracking and delivery process is recorded and time stamped to ensure document delivery
  • Support for 3rd party payments so that a hub can pay the basic subscription fees of trading partners and ensure compliance
  • User configurable folders for specific storage
  • Searchable Inbox and Sent box (all folders)
  • Support for document attachments - some business transactions have an electronic document with supporting information as attachments
  • Email Notifications to the receiver when new documents are received in TheTradingPortal™
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Built-in support features™ is a cost-effective way to engage 100% of your trading partner community as electronic trading partners!

Event Details

Lunch & Learn
The Mill - Sammy B's
300 North Maple Street
Lebanon, TN 37087