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Which came first: business or business information? Today's economy thrives on the flow of vital information between businesses.™ is all about the transfer of business information between trading partners. We use the cloud to implement a private trading partner network that is safe, secure, and reliable all while being customized to your specifications. We connect trading partners around the globe—moving Information at the Speed of Business.

We use the latest technology to enable cost-effective Business-to-Business (B2B) eCommerce solutions for companies of all sizes.™ can handle Purchase Orders, Invoices, Bills of Lading, Advanced Shipping Notices, Medical Claims Forms, Managed File Transfer, or any number of custom formatted documents. The application context doesn't matter.

Through automation, we're able to facilitate a completely scalable business relationship for true enterprise collaboration. Small companies with even a few employees can become fully compliant electronic trading partners with their large business collaborators and customers. Conversely, we can take all of the data from larger companies (in EDI, XML, and other formats) and implement that same trading partner relationship. As a community hub, you'll see a uniform trading partner network across 100% of your suppliers.

TTPSolutions Logo™ is the pride and joy of TTP Solutions. Our background is in business process and business information messaging and delivery. With™ we have combined our skills and experience into a ground-breaking solution and an entirely new business genre that we like to call B2B Collaboration and Information Management.

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